Instead of privatising loss making institutions Govt privatising profit making institution, Mehtab Siddiqui General Secretary CBA HBFC 


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House Building Finance Corporation Workmen’s Union of Pakistan (CBA) in a letter to Federal Minister for Privatisation Government of Pakistan asked him that the government has formed a transaction committee regarding privatisation of HBFC without getting onboard the CBA.

Mehtab Ahmed Siddiqui General Secretary of CBA in a letter to Federal Minister stated that as a stakeholder we should be get on board so that we can brief you about employees and their rights.

Whereas, CBA General Secretary informed Federal Minister that House Building Finance Corporation (HBFC) is continuously generating profit and paying millions of rupees to the government in terms of income tax, he said that instead of privatising loss giving department government is going to privatise profit making department.

However he said on one side government is going to privatise HBFC and on the other side the employment process is ongoing due to which the permanent employees of the department are depressed .

Further Mr. Siddiqui mentioned in a letter to Federal Minister that CBA has submitted a Charter of demand for the year 2024-2025 for which management has formed a negotiating committee but CBA realised that this work has stopped along with this government announced for payment of adhoc allowance which has still not paid to employees due to which employees are facing financial crisis.

Moreover CBA General Secretary asked Federal Minister to get onboard CBA in Privatisation process and should ensure to safeguard the jobs of employees.

At last Mehtab Siddiqui urged Federal Minister to give time for meeting with CBA delegation as soon as possible and also raised the salaries of employees according to the CBA Charter of demand.

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