Inhabitants of Juma Hamaity Village protest over closure of Electricity


People of thickly populated Juma Hamaity Village held protest demonstration over the closure of electricity reaching Awami Press Club Malir here on yesterday led by social workers Sher Muhammad Hamaity and Wazir Hamaity and others.

Protesters raised strict slogans against K electric personnel.
On that occasion they talked with media men and said that it has passed a week to the closure of electricity that why thickly populated village Juma Hamaity has come in darkage.

They said that there are more then 6 thousands registered vote in village and they have been giving votes to Peoples party from day one and electing its candidates without any interruption but sorry to say that today Juma Hamaity Village has come in darkness due to corrupt K electric officers and personnel.

They further said that approximately 80% residents of village have been submitting electric bills and some chieftains are receiving bills from rest of resident for submitting. After all of this K electric officers and personnel havlve switched off the electricity of village using their illicit authorities and made the life of villagers hell and heck.

More over they said that on this victimisation Peoples Party leaders, Former UC chairman and Councillors have become silent spectators and do not take interest to resolve their issue of electricity.
They warned that if electricity of village has not been recovered then they will become coerced to protest before the house of area’s MPA Raja Razzaq Balouch.

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