Indigenous Rights Alliance announces to start movement against Bahria after Eid


Indigenous Rights Alliance proclaimed to start movement against Bahria Town and other occupied lands and resettlement of strangers in Sindh after Eid and called whole sindh to join them at Karachi.

In this regards Indigenous Rights Alliance visited affected villages like Noor Muhammad Gabol, Muhammad Bukhsh Gabol, Kamal Jokhio, Aloo Gabol, Darya Khan Gabol, Dad Muhammad Gabol and others where local head Murad Bukhsh Gabol addressed peoples telling details and said that Bahria management is attacking on their villages on daily basis and torturing on villagers so now they have become exhausted from their act.

He further said that political, social organisations and Sindh people should help them out from that cruelty.

On that occasion Indigenous Rights Alliance leaders Syed Khuda Dino Shah, addressed that ultimate fight will be with Bahria Town because doors of justice are closed for poor peoples and government is spectator so if villagers be united and fight bravely for their rights then entire Sindh will support them.

He announced that Indigenous Rights Alliance will call a meeting of all political, social organisations and make effective strategy so that podsible outcomes be taken.

After that people gathered at Kathore city in a grewt number and peoples of area welcomed them warmly.

Protestants held foot march where hundreds of people participated and Awami Workers Party leaders Marvi Latifi, azeem Dahkan, Hafiz Bslouch and others addressed after that rally reached at Muhammad Bukhsh Gabol and Dad Karim Village where Dad Karim Kalmaty, Gul Hassan Kalmaty, Abdul Khaliq Jonejo, Qadir Bukhsh Kalmaty, Illahi Bukhsh Bikik and others addressed rally participants and said that Indigenous Rights Alliance has been fighting for Sindh lands and protesting against occupied lands and on the result of that Bahria Town has been demonstrated and defamed.

They raised question that why 16 thousands and 8 hundreds acres land is not been demarcated or measured so that it can clear the limitation of Bahria Town.

They further said that Bahria Town is occupied more then 30 thousands acres nd has been raiding on villages so its today need to be united and have combine endeavour against Bahria.

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