Indian state sponsored-murder in Canada tip of iceberg, says Kashmiri leader


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LONDON: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau exposing Indian involvement in the state-sponsored murder of Sikh activist Hardeep Singh Nijjar was “just the tip of the iceberg”, said Kashmiri leader Fahim Kayani on Tuesday.

President of the Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK, Kayani added that the embassies were being used for covert operations by the rogue Indian state, under the extremist Hindu regime of Narendra Modi.

The politician paid tribute to Nijjar, murdered by agents of the Indian government on June 18 outside of a Sikh temple in the city of Surrey in the western Canadian province of British Columbia.

A day earlier, Trudeau told the Canadian parliament that India was behind the murder of Nijjar – a prominent advocate of Khalistan, a separate homeland for Sikhs in India.

Trudeau’s government expelled Pavan Kumar Rai, the head of India’s rogue Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) from Canada.

“There are individuals like Pavan Kumar Rai in every Indian embassy across the globe who harass, intimidate, and suppress Kashmiri and Sikh voices,” Kayani said.

He lauded the Canadian PM for not succumbing to Indian pressure. “The Canadian PM has shown the way on how to hold India accountable,” he said. “This threat from the Indian state to Kashmiris and Sikhs outside the territory of India is not new; it has been happening for decades and needs to be brought to an end,” he stated.

Kayani also urged the British government to take measures to ensure the safety of Kashmiris and Sikh community members in the UK. He further added that the combination of India’s terror-inflicting National Investigation Agency (NIA) and RAW has become “dangerous for world peace” and called for their ban.

“These two organisations are run by rogue elements of Modi’s extremist RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) and BJP,” he said.

Kayani, in his statement, also recalled recent incidents of violence in parts of the UK. “It is the same elements from the world’s largest paramilitary group, the RSS, which are exporting these terrorists to countries like Canada, the UK, and Australia to harass and intimidate Kashmiris and Sikh community members,” he said.

“India is sending RSS terrorists in the guise of students to the UK,” he said.

“PM Rishi Sunak must take precautions and cancel visas issued to RSS-affiliated people in the UK. They are a threat to world peace since [the organisation] is a terror-inflicting group,” he added.

Lastly, Kayani called on Kashmiri groups across the world to take precautions in the wake of the Indian state-sponsored murder. “This moment demands an international campaign to expose the brutal face of the long arm of the Indian state around the world,” he concluded.

Another Kashmiri separatist leader Altaf Ahmed Bhat also shared the news about Canadian PM Trudeau expelling the Indian diplomat.

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