Increase in crime rate ; Street Crimes remain challenge for Sindh Police


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Ratio of Crimes rise in Pakistan’s business hub Karachi, by 11 Percent as compare to the previous year as per reports of CPLC 64988 total number of crimes reported in 2018, however in 2019, 72936 total number of crimes reported .

It was learned that the said numbers of reported crimes were from the period of 1st January to 31st December 2018 , whereas for 2019 still one month period of crimes not reported as the reported said total number of crimes in 2019 were from the period of 1st January to 30th November 2019.

When we look into deeply on the details of Snatching crimes which including snatching of 4 Wheeler, two wheeler and Mobile Phones in 2018 its ratio was 17,156 and in 2019 the ratio is 21,094.

Similarly when we look into the crimes of theft in the city in 2019 47,437 cases reported and in 2019 the numbers of theft cases reported crimes are 51,455 , which includes the theft of cars, motorcycles and Mobile phones.

Likewise, 8 cases of Kidnapping for Ransom reported in 2018 and 9 cases in 2019. However Numbers of reported Extortion cases declined as in 2018, 58 cases of extortion reported in the city , whereas 31 cases reported in 2019.

326 Total number of Killings reported in 2018 and 344 in 2019 , which shows the killing cases rise in this year. However Bank Robbery cases numbers are same in both years as 3 cases reported in 2018 & 2019.

On the other hand, when we see on the numbers of recovery in theft and snatching cases in 2018, 7604 and in 2019, 7485 items including cars, motorcycles and mobile phones recovered which were reported in different police stations of the city.

Mobile Phones snatching and theft cases has rise in the city as 35,458 said cases reported in 2018 , But in 2019 the number of mentioned reported cases are 43,169.
Similarly 27,763 Motocycles (Two Wheelers) Snatch and stolen in 2018 and 27,808 cases reported in 2019, which shows that the ratio of street crimes rise in the city.

It was also observed that the said number of crimes are those which reported , however numbers of citizen have not report their cases of street crime due to the culture of our police stations in which common man still face problems, they have to pay bribe or to visit police station for the numbers of times to lodge their complaints in some police stations.

The Newly appointed Karachi Police Chief Ghulam Nabi Memon is working efficiently to curb on the ratio of crimes in the city and in this regard he had directed all the police stations to report all the cases of citizens and also have taken action against the corrupt officers in the department.

Speaking with City News Senior Journalist & Crime Reporter Abdullah Solangi stated that, there is a need of safe city project in the city , without its initiation its not possible to control crime in Pakistan’s biggest city.

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