Inauguration ceremony of Drugs treatment & rehabilitation centre in Malir


Inauguration ceremony of drugs treatment and rehabilitation centre established by Tariq Aziz Balouch was held at Murad Memon village here on yesterday in which social, political leaders, journalists, area’s respectable personalities and others like PTI Qadir Bukhsh Kalmaty, PPP former MNA Abdul Hakeem Balouch, Advocate Muhammad Riaz Lund, Khamiso Khan Memon, Senior Journalist Saami Memon, Manzoor Solangi, Abdul Qadir Dars, Muhammad Younus Azad, Abdul Lateef Bughio, M Zaman Jokhio, Arshad Ali Gabol, Hanif Dil Murad, professor Amar Gul Balouch and so on participated in a great number.

On that occasion Former MNA Abdul Hakeem Balouch addressed function’s participants and said that they can finished drugs, it’s sale and usage to gather and youth of Malir has succeeded movement against drugs in a very short period of their endeavor so it is nice to establish health center for the treatment of drugs addicted on one’s own and all political, social leaders and those who have superfine should have possible support to Tariq Aziz Balouch to run drugs treatment and rehabilitation center.

PTI Malir President Qadir Bukhsh Kalmaty addressed that social activists are doing such types of works with their courage, strength and approach which government had to do.

He appreciated Tariq Aziz Balouch who not only couraged to get rid of narcotics but also kicked off movement against drugs, it’s selling and usage.He said that he value Tariq Aziz’s efforts cordially and will support him on every moment of need.

He further said that many young people have been razed after being addicted of drugs so they can be made good and fruitful citizens of country after remedy.

On that occasion Khamiso Khan Memon, Saleem J Memon, Hanif Dil Murad, Riaz Lund, Professor Amar Gul and others also addressed.

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