In memory of Qandeel Baloch: ‘Wakhri’ to launch at Red Sea Film Festival


The producer of the thought-provoking film, Wakhri, Abid Aziz Merchant, penned his excitement as the film finds itself in the esteemed company of peers and artists at the Red Sea Film Festival Foundation. The film, which is a creation made by the region and for the region, has embarked on a remarkable journey, defying labels and checkboxes.

Taking to his social media, Merchant shared a trailer for the film and penned, “We are honoured beyond measure to have the best launch for our film Wakhri made by the region and for the region first; #YourStoryYourFestival to be in competition at the Red Sea Film Festival Foundation in the company of peers and artists, all defying labels and checkboxes. Congratulations to all fellow films.”

He continued, “Here is a snapshot of the team leads. Please tag in the comments anyone we might have accidentally left off. In gratitude and humility for our combined effort. We cannot wait for Wakhrito to meet her cherished audiences soon, Insha’Allah!”

Wakhri boasts a star-studded cast including Faryal Mehmood, Gulshan Majeed, Saleem Mairaj, Sohail Sameer, and Shees Sajjad Gul. Moreover, it features the musical talents of names like Ali Sethi, Meesha Shafi, Eva B, Natasha Noorani, and more. The film not only showcases the talent of renowned actors but also features special appearances from Mathira, Khalid Malik, and Waseem Hassan Sheikh. Wakhri is gearing up to be a testament to the cinematic artistry of the region, and its recognition at the Red Sea Film Festival Foundation is a well-deserved honour.

Director by Iram Parveen Bilal, Wakhri delves into the story of a widowed school teacher in Pakistan who unintentionally becomes a viral sensation due to her outspoken views on social media. The narrative unfolds the challenges she faces as an unexpected influencer, navigating through societal norms and undisclosed identities while raising her 10-year-old son.

The film spotlights the constant struggle women encounter to assert their rights and presence, both in physical and online spaces, drawing inspiration from the story of Pakistani social media star Qandeel Baloch, tragically murdered in 2016, according to Variety.

Merchant expressed his gratitude and humility for the combined effort of the team that brought Wakhri to life. As the film competes at the prestigious Red Sea Film Festival Foundation, it is poised to meet its eagerly awaited audiences soon, promising an exceptional viewing experience that will leave a lasting impact.

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