Imran Niazi arrogance drowned him


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Elders say that if you get a rank, you should pray to Allah to save you from arrogance and pride, but as soon as Imran Niazi got more honor and position, his pride drove him crazy.

Niazi’s arrogance drowned him and all the positions from the Prime Minister to the Party Chairman were lost. There was a time when Niazi had no reputation as a politician but then he got support and political people including youth came around him and played an important role in highlighting him as a political leader in the world including Pakistan.

When Imran Niazi became recognized due to his colleagues and the vote bank increased, seeing the public spirit and enthusiasm, Niazi started saying, ‘I have enough.

Confidence is good but overconfidence is against the principles of Allah Kareem, this is what Niazi committed, Niazi considered himself to be wise and ignored other companions given by God, seeing that Finally, all the party leaders and voters went crazy one by one and now Niazi is sitting alone in a jail cell and thinks he is the prime minister of one room.

By Niazi’s actions, he himself and those who are influenced by him should understand that they do not oppose the principles of the Lord and do not be arrogant, otherwise they will be deprived of their position, and those who die from mosquitoes like Nimrod, the great king of his time, are still like Niazi today.

They are confined to a prison cell from the Prime Minister’s office.

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