IHC informed about Imran’s jail conditions


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ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has sought information regarding the decision to keep PTI Chairman Imran Khan in jail despite the suspension of his sentence.

In a hearing related to his transfer to Attock Jail, the court sought clarification on the facilities provided in jail. Assistant Superintendent from Attock Jail appeared in court.

PTI chief’s legal counsel, Sher Afzal Marwat, appeared before the court and expressed discontent with the conditions in Attock Jail. He complained about the pest infestation and the lack of a roof where Imran Khan was being kept.

Marwat also mentioned the absence of a B-class facility in the jail. Disputing claims of security concerns, Marwat argued that Adiala Jail is actually more secure than Attock Jail. The lawyer emphasised the right of his client to have a B-class facility and requested the court to transfer the former prime minister to the Rawalpindi facility.

He alleged that Khan was transferred to Attock Jail not due to lack of space, but to cause him more distress. Marwat also highlighted an incident where Imran Khan’s wife, Bushra Bibi, faced the threat of a case when she visited him in jail.

However, the lawyer’s claims were contested by the prosecutor, who stated that the B-class facility no longer exists in the jail and that Khan is being provided with better-class amenities.

The prosecutor detailed the improvements made, including raised walls in the bathroom, the installation of a commode, a 21-inch TV, and the provision of five newspapers.

The Assistant Advocate General informed the court that Imran Khan was given a bed, chair, 21-inch TV, and five newspapers. He added that the PTI chairman is provided with food according to his preferences, with chicken and mutton cooked in desi ghee two days a week.

He also mentioned that five doctors have been appointed for Imran’s medical needs.

Chief Justice Amir Farooq acknowledged that Imran Khan was not currently serving the sentence as he is in custody for another case.

The court inquired about the feasibility of transferring Khan from Attock Jail to each court appearance considering the distance. To this, the Assistant Advocate General stated that the journey from Attock to Islamabad takes an hour and a half, with additional time for the vehicle transporting him.

The court adjourned the hearing and ordered Marwat to meet with Imran Khan on Thursday (today). The court also sought information on any notifications regarding the decision to keep Khan in Attock Jail despite the suspension of his sentence.

The next hearing is scheduled for September 11.

Imran Khan was sentenced to five years in prison last month following his conviction in the Toshakhana case. Despite the suspension of the sentence, he remains in jail due to his rearrest on August 19 in the “cypher case”.

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