If I hadn’t married Mani, I would have been married five, six times: Hira Mani


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In a recent episode of the popular television show Mazaq Raat, the multi-talented actor Hira Mani took centre stage, engaging in a candid and uproarious exchange with host Imran Ashraf and a panel of comedians. The conversation veered into unexpected territories, including Hira’s take on her own marriage to Salman Saquib Sheikh, who is affectionately referred to as Mani.

The evening’s banter took an amusing turn when one of the comedians posed a rather intriguing question to Hira. He inquired whether she would still have pursued a career in the entertainment industry had she not married Mani. Without missing a beat, the star delivered a response that left the audience in stunned silence.

“If I hadn’t married Mani, I would have been married 5 to 6 times,” she quipped, evoking surprised looks from everybody listening. She continued to state, “Because I was quite a ‘dil phenk’ type of a girl.” Amid the laughter and curious looks, when questioned what she meant by that revelation, she said, “I mean that when I met Mani, he was my choice. If I hadn’t met him, I liked [every other guy].”

Not to be outdone, one of the comedians playfully responded in Punjabi, jesting about how Mani could be perceived as a deterrent to Hira’s success. Hira offered another humorous retort, asserting, “I’ve become too successful. See, I’ve become a star. But yes, had I not been Mani’s wife, I would have had multiple marriages.”

The comedic banter continued as a comedian jokingly remarked that perhaps Hira should have met Mani a bit later in life. To this, Hira, with her signature humour, quipped, “I still wouldn’t have married you,” drawing uproarious laughter from the studio audience.

Hira’s appearance on Mazaq Raat was a delightful blend of candid revelations and humour for which the star has come to be known. Her willingness to share light-hearted anecdotes about her life and choices resonated with viewers and showcased her affable personality.

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