Huge quantity of ‘smuggled’ goods recovered


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KARACHI: Customs Intelligence, in collaboration with the police and Rangers, conducted raids and recovered a huge quantity of foreign goods from different areas including Saeedabad, Yusuf Goth, and Bolton Market.

In the Saeedabad operation, a joint team of Saeedabad police and customs officials raided a warehouse near Yousuf Goth Terminal on Monday night, discovering a substantial stockpile of illicit smuggled goods. SSP Keamari Arif Aslam Rao stated that the authorities uncovered 3,200 bags of smuggled items based on a tip-off.

Meanwhile, customs intelligence carried out a raid in the Chanti Street area of Bolton Market during the night between Monday and Tuesday. They recovered foreign contraband items, and during searches of specific shops, a considerable quantity of allegedly smuggled foreign products, including cosmetics and foreign cigarettes, was seized. Upon learning of the customs raid, several shop owners assembled to protest against it.

As the Rangers intervened, the protesters dispersed from the streets, although some were apprehended. Subsequently, the confiscated goods were loaded onto trucks. Those who had been detained were released after the conclusion of the operation. Following the customs operation, a team of Rangers was dispatched to maintain peace and order. It may be mentioned that customs authorities conducted a third raid in nearby markets including Bolton Market on MA Jinnah Road, and Lucknow Market, during the past week. Foreign fabric vendors had vehemently protested, with unidentified individuals resorting to violence.

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