HPS Alumni organized Cycle rally for reducing Carbon footprints and promoting healthy life style


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Habib Public School Alumni organized cycle rally for reducing Carbon foot prints, to promote healthy environment and to raise awareness on healthy life style on Monday at M.T Khan Road, here at Karachi.

The purpose of the rally was only awareness of healthy life but emphasized on to use a bicycle that can reduce carbon foot prints and environmental pollution.

The rally started from Habib Public School, M.T Khan road and ended at the same point having a short stay at Mangrove Park Mail Kolachi, Clifton.

The purpose of the work was to find out how effective cycling can be for a healthy life and a clean environment. How can our use of bicycles in our daily life reduce environmental pollution raised this awareness by Alumni’s for young Habibians . The rally participants are more than 200 hundred including Allumnis, students and their families.

Earlier, the participants in the rally were welcomed by Habib Public Almanai Association President Saeed Allahwala and General Secretary Syed Mehtab Haider , Vice President Naveed Ahmed. Khan, Azhar Rizvi and the members of the executive committee, while on this occasion, General Secretary Syed Mehtab Haider said that the participants of the rally shows off of being responsible citizens by contributing to the awareness campaign of healthy life and clean environment.

He was grieved upon the State behavior that no support was provided, the traffic arrangements were managed by young svhool kids .

Habib Public School Alumnis Association is playing is contributing to society and proven their interest for social development and to become environment friendly.



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