High security provided to caretaker CM


KARACHI: Millions of rupees of taxpayers are being spent to take care of the caretaker CM’s security.

Caretaker Chief Minister Justice (Retd) Syed Maqbool Baqar has been granted a significant security, which includes 90 policemen. The security arrangement comprises seven pick-up vehicles, one jammer, and four motorbikes.

Documents obtained by Express News reveal that Baqar has been assigned 34 guards, three gunmen, and five drivers for his residence. Additionally, the Sindh Special Security Unit (SSU) has provided 48 police personnel, two vehicles, and one jammer for the caretaker CM’s protection.

Security One has contributed four guards, 25 bodyguards, and eight drivers to ensure the CM’s safety, along with a total of 37 police officers and officials. This comprehensive security detail also includes five vehicles and four motorcycles.

The Special Branch has assigned two officials and three gunmen to the CM.

Despite citizen concerns, a substantial security contingent of 201 personnel has been stationed at the Chief Minister’s House, 90 vehicles have been secured within the premises, and an additional 51 motorcycles are also designated for the protection of the Chief Minister House.

Home minister allowed Rs31m bulletproof car

Sindh caretaker cabinet, in its very first meeting, has allowed the purchase of a new bulletproof car worth nearly Rs31 million for the caretaker home minister Brigadier (Retd.) Haris Nawaz.

In this connection, the summary the home department had sent to the caretaker chief minister a few days ago read that the car, which the minister presently had, was not enough to protect him from any terror attack.

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