Have applied for my a visa: Momin Saqib hopes to watch India-Pakistan match in Ahmedabad


Internet star Momin Saqib on Thursday revealed that he’s applied for an Indian visa and hopes to watch the India-Pakistan clash on Saturday in Ahmedabad. 

“After a never-ending wait, I have applied for my Indian visa,” he penned on X. An avid cricket fan, Saqib went on to add, “I cross my fingers for a positive outcome and an incredible journey, so I get to support Team Pakistan in the 2023 Cricket World Cup!” He furthered, “Can’t wait to immerse myself in the electrifying atmosphere of the stadium! Hope I get to meet all of you very soon.”

Saqib has yet to hear back about the issuance of his visa. Last month, a flurry of rumours had been circulating on various portals and social media platforms suggesting that popular Pakistani content creators, Saqib and YouTuber Ducky Bhai, had faced visa rejections for India. However, these speculations have now been debunked by the individuals themselves, who took to social media to clarify the situation.

The rising star stated, “There’s news circulating that my Indian visa got rejected. Just to clear the air, I haven’t even applied yet! I’d also like to take this opportunity to emphasise the importance of fact-checking and verifying news from authentic sources before spreading misinformation. Thank you.”

Ducky Bhai took to his Instagram Story to denounce the “fake news” and chide portals with “blue ticks” that dispersed the information. While the reports had suggested visa rejection, the YouTuber made it clear that there was no truth to these claims. Momin, too, took to X (formerly Twitter) to release an official statement.

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