Guidelines for Parents, Principals and Teachers on promotion of peace and tolerance among Educated youth



Rafia Javed Mallah Additional Director Registration, Directorate of Inspection & Registration of Private Institutions Sindh issued Guidelines for Parents, Principals and Teachers on promotion of peace and tolerance among Educated youth .

She stated in the guidelines that, Educated youth are the custodians of our dreams because our educated, responsible, cultured, destiny-bound, conscientious youth possess the ability to bring about transformation in this country, They are the ambassadors of consciousness and hope, coursing through the veins of the nation’s progress.

They embody fervor, passion, and the backbone of society, leading it toward struggle instead of stagnation, and advancing towards new horizons, It is the responsibility and desire of the educated youth to lead the nation, but for that, education, skills, abilities, perseverance, resilience, and mental & moral training are the foundations that make the new generation leaders, she added.

Further she said that, Mere possession of degrees turns into mere pieces of paper if a youth does not exhibit exemplary character alongside education and skills, The fundamental purpose of education is character building; character is what elevates humans to the highest level of creation (Ashraf-ul-Makhloqat).

Regrettably, educational institutions are witnessing a concerning trend of unethical behavior, internal conflicts, intolerance, ruins of discipline and even violence, among students, additionally, it is observed that the use of drugs is polluting the environment of educational institutions, she said.

While expressing her concern she said that,The concerning trend among students has also been observed, with instances of them resorting to using weapons to harm each other, How did they develop such courage? The Quran teaches that unjustly taking a life is like to destroying all of humanity, Such actions may stem from deficiencies in moral, mental, and religious guidance during their upbringing.

Parents and teachers play a crucial role in character-building, Unfortunately, our parents possess the treasure of gold to their wards but not have the eye of an Eagle, Due to use of social media, mobile phones, and other distractions, they have no time for the upbringing and fail to provide the necessary guidance and moral upbringing to their children, she shared.

Similarly, some teachers fulfill their duties to complete their syllabi and holistic development of students, but unfortunately, most of the teachers, focused solely on completing syllabi, overlook their duty to nurture the holistic development of students as well as co-curricular activities.
Hence, it is indispensable for both parents and teachers to fulfill their responsibilities diligently.

Teachers, as mentors and guides within the educational landscape, hold a profound influence in shaping the minds and hearts of their students. They must go beyond imparting academic knowledge and also instill students with values such as tolerance, patience, decency, and cultural awareness.

They should guide students with compassion, helping them grow not just intellectually but also ethically, emphasizes the power of the pen as the best tool for students. Simultaneously, parents need to prioritize spending quality time with their children, instilling Islamic values and ethics in them.

This concerted effort will not only produce well-rounded individuals but also nurture the development of ethical citizens who contribute meaningfully to society’s progress.

These individuals will excel both academically and as members of their community, playing a crucial role in advancing their nation. By becoming sources of pride for their families, educators, and country, they will significantly contribute to the overall development and prosperity of their nation.

Ultimately, by nurturing a generation equipped with both knowledge and character, we can ensure the enduring prosperity and honour of our nation, leaving behind a legacy of excellence for future generations to uphold.

We hope that parents, teachers, school principals, and regulatory bodies will collectively exert sincere and dedicated efforts in molding the character and personality of students.

Rafia Mallah stated that, This will foster their role as valuable contributors to both the nation and society and create an environment where students feel empowered to strive for personal growth and academic achievement while upholding core values of respect, fairness, and inclusivity.

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