Grievances of KDA Regular & Contract employees should be addressed; Chairman Mazdoor Union


Karachi Development Authority-KDA which previously was financially stable department which had introduced numbers of development projects including residential and commercial schemes in Pakistan’s business hub Karachi, the department is nowadays facing severe financial crisis as KDA is getting 204 Million grant from the provincial government for the payment of employees monthly salaries.

Abdul Mateen Waheed Chairman of Mazdoor Union which was also a CBA (Collective Bargaining Agent) in KDA, the tenure of CBA in any department is two years but in KDA the mentioned period has passed but the referendum is still pending, Abdul Mateen claimed that Mazdoor Union still have the status of CBA until referendum would not happen.

Speaking on the workers’ issues he informed that, there are 2150 Employees, 2000 Officers and 550 to 600 Contract employees are working in the department but the majority of contractual employees period has ended due to no rehiring by the management.

Leader of Mazdoor Union stated that in the first phase the union is struggling for the rehiring of 70 Retired Army Personals who were performing duties in Security department of KDA on contract basis, the period of contract has ended and the civic center security at risk if the rehiring of said employees would not ensure on priority basis.

Moreover, he added that regarding the said issue the delegation of union has already met with DG KDA Dr. Saif ur Rehman who had assured the rehiring of 70 retired army personals very soon and also assure to discuss the issue of contract employees rehiring with the Provincial Minister Local Government.

On the question of newly appointed DG KDA efficiency, he added that Dr.Saif ur Rehman is one of the most honest and dedicated officer, this DG for the first time has challenged the corrupt system of KDA which was continued from a long time.

He said that DG is also facing pressure from the corrupt elements of the department for the continuation of the corrupt system but Mazdoor Union has hope from Dr.Saif that he will not only stop the corruption in the department but would also resolve the issues of employees on a priority basis.

Further Mr. Mateen said that due to the filing of Petition in Court by Mazdoor Union KDA had revived in 2016 and the union is serving employees of KDA as CBA for the third time .

Sharing his views on the next step in case of non-implementation on the demands of union he stated that the Mazdoor Union believes in table talk and always tries to resolve issues by discussion rather than protesting on the floors by stopping the work of department.

Mazdoor Union Chairman also informed that , the union had taken up the issue of security equipment’s shortage and dysfunctional due to non-repairing from a long time, DG assured the delegation to present the list of equipment’s and the department would fulfill all the needs of security department on a priority basis.

Speaking with City News he informed that, In recent session of Governing Body it was decided to increase the charges which resulted 17 to 18 crore rupees recovery which is now 10 to 11 Crore. It would also cover the shortfall which the department face on every month during the payment of employees’ salaries and other expenses.

Wheres, he urged management for the re continuation of Pipe Factory which was making Asia’s most reliable pipes in past but now its operation has closed due to the refusal of KWSB for buying pipes from KDA .

He claimed that the KWSB refused to purchase pipes from kda because there was zero corruption in the payments as it has gone from department to department bank account and the corrupt officials have decided to buy it from open market to make fake bills. He also asked that why Sindh Government is not purchasing pipes from KDA for K-4 project.

However, he makes it clear that the Mazdoor Union would not let the management to sale the land of Pipe Factory which worth billions of rupees because it’s the fidelity of employees.

Furthermore, he demanded from the management for the payment of employees’ monthly salary from 1st to 5th of every month.

In addition, the leader of Mazdoor Union expressed hope that the department would resolve the issues of employees as the DG itself taking interest in the redressal of issues.

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