Govt should tell nation about facts behind failure to complete FATF tasks; Shazia Marri


Central Information Secretary of Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamrntarinans and MNA Shazia Atta Marri in a Press Statement said that the government should tell nation about the facts that why Pakistan is still remained on Financial Action Task Force’s grey list.

She maintained that PTI-led government was failing miserably everywhere and not only the Prime Minister of the ruling party but his entire team is incompetent due to which country being faced defamation globally.

Shazia Marri questioned the government that what were those FATF’s conditions about which government was being asked to complete? “Incapable Government should inform about these points to the people of pakistan”, she added.

She questioned the government that wasn’t the reason behind this that Imran Khan’s soft dealing with the Talibans?

She added that government has failed to bring terrorist financers to justice . She further said, PTI-led government had victimized to their political opponents under the guise of fake accounts scandal and attempts were made to throw dust in the eyes of the world by flaunting fake accounts.

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