Govt lacking acumen & wisdom to implement Pakistan vision


The Amun Taraqqi Party (ATP) chairman, Muhammad Faiq Shah has criticized that the incumbent government is lacking political and economic acumen to pull the country out from prevailing crisis situations.

The party chief furthermore said the present government has almost spent 18 months without any wisdom and planning. Now, it is predicated that the difficult situation will be prevailed in further six months, he added.

Commenting on PM’s recent statement regarding payment of debts by excavation of gold from Reko Diq mines here on Thursday, Mr Shah said the implementation of Pakistan vision can be made possible by poverty eradication, economic and social justice for which incumbent government didn’t practical workout during last one and half year.

He said the premier’s giving statement that the foreign debts will be payout by excavation of gold from Reko Diq natural reserves, which is joke and another deceiving tactics of the present government with the nation.

Faiq Shah said the destine of hunger, starvation and poverty- starved people is awaiting of the government attention and asked it to tell the facts to masses instead of relying on only dreams. He said the circular debts had touched at Rs1700 billion, which is anticipating about energy shortage summer. He said the industries have been closing down due to constant increase in power tariff.

There is lack of planning and wisdom, ATP chief said and called upon the government to implement the recommendations for economic revival and resolution of other issues, proposed by the party.

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