Governor of Sindh Imran Ismail visited SITE Association of Industry and inaugurated the newly set up Fire Station of SITE Association. Administrator KMC Laeeq Ahmed, Chief CPLC Sindh Muhammad Zubair Habib, Chief Fire Officer Mubin Ahmed and other high officials from the KMC Fire Department were also present on this occasion.

Addressing the industrialists of the area, Governor Sindh said that provision of 2 fire tenders for SITE Association was a long pending demand of Industries of SITE area for which, I made commitment and all praises goes to Almighty Allah, who once again blessed us in fulfilling our commitments. He appreciated the efforts of SITE Association in making this Fire Station functional in very limited time. The Governor lauded SITE Association being the first and foremost in resolving the problems of SITE area. On the issue of gas supply to the Industries, the honourable Governor assured arranging a single point agenda meeting with the Prime Minister along with the Federal Ministers and Advisors concerned, on the burning issue of gas supply to industries, as soon as possible.

Governor Sindh said that from the platform of Sindh Industrial Liaison Committee (SILC), we took up many issues of industries and were successful in resolving them. He assured his continued support in solving the issues, particularly that of damaged infrastructure and dilapidated roads effecting badly, of the industries in SITE Area.

Speaking on this occasion, Patron-in-Chief of SITE Association Zubair Motiwala, said that he would focus on two, main burning issues: one perennial issue is of non-availability of gas to industries and the other recent burning issue is of illegal demolition of factories, constructed on leased land, as old as 1960s. Zubair Motiwala demanded an urgent action from the Governor of Sindh.

Earlier, President SITE Abdul Hadi, in his welcome address, thanked the Governor Sindh on behalf of SITE Association for fulfilling his promise by providing 2 new fire tenders to the association. He in particular thanked the Governor Sindh for visiting SITE Association for the 3rd time in last three years and remarked that Imran Ismail is the true friend of the business community of SITE.

He added that the Governor House is playing a vital role in communicating issues related to industries to the federal government. Governor Sindh himself is very keen and meeting all town associations and trying to resolve their issues from the platform of Sindh Industrial Liaison Committee (SILC). Abdul Hadi reiterated the pathetic condition of infrastructure in SITE area, more notably the state of dilapidated road which are not jeep able.

Briefing the members about the Fire Station, Abdul Hadi said that the idea of setting up of fire station was initiated in the year 2018 by the SITE Association of Industry during the first visit of Governor Sindh, Imran Ismail who promised to take up the matter and provide fire tenders to town associations at the earliest possible. It is very heartening to see that Governor of Sindh has fulfilled his promise.

President SITE Abdul Hadi stressed upon the Governor to take cognizance of the grave situation emerging from the illegal demolition of factories, some of which are as old as 1960s. This action is in breach of the orders of the Supreme Court where the orders were actually given for the removal of encroachments and not for the demolition of factories standing on leased industrial land, as old as 1960s.

SITE Association’s crest was presented to the Governor Sindh on this occasion. SVP Riazuddin proposed vote of thanks to the participants. Later, the Governor visited the new Fire Station and formally inaugurated it by unveiling the inauguration plaque.

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