Google introduces new features to improve accessibility


Google is rolling out eight new features to make daily tasks more accessible and faster.

The new features are for apps like Google Maps, Search, Assistant and some camera-based Pixel features.

These updates are specifically designed to cater to persons with disabilities. Now onwards, when a business chooses to identify as disabled-owned in their Business Profile, the attribute will appear on their listings in Maps and Search.

The second feature is for persons with visual impairment where the screen reader capabilities in Lens in Maps will be coming to iOS starting today, and to Android later this year. The third feature targets wheelchair users. Wheelchair users now have the option to request wheelchair-accessible walking routes wherever the data is available.

In addition to that, users can now customise their Assistant Routines with additional functionality inspired by Action Blocks to get useful information or to automate daily tasks.

Building upon its existing feature in the Chrome address bar that detects typos and displays suggested websites based on what Chrome thinks you meant, it is now expanding to Chrome on Android and iOS.

Lastly, Pixel’s camera can now magnify things further and also use the Guided Frame feature to take beautiful selfies. These features are helpful for persons with visual impairment.

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