GGLSS Jam Kando Razzaqabad Girls Students deprived of continuing education


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Government Girls lower Secondary School Jam Kando at Razzaqabad’s upgrading order has been issued two time first in 1996 and second time in 2010 but still no step has been taken for implementation that’s why school students have been deprived from right of education after passing 8 class.
Although their is scarcity of fundamental facilities, shortage of teachers, peon, watchman even building of school is so old and cracked from place to place and it’s ceiling is worsened cause of that fear of incident disturbs student from getting education.
In this regards habitants of area Wali Muhammad Gabol, Haji Gabol, Abdul Raof, Bilawal Qadri, Abdullah, Nisar Jokhio, Furqan Jokhio, Abdul Samad, Hashim Lashari, Rafeeq Lashari and others told talking with City news reporter that girls of Razzaqabad, Moosa village , Pir village, Lashari village, Nohani village, Abdullah village and others are studying in mentioned school who have become bereaved from further education after passing 8 class due to no implementation over school up grading order.
They said that school’s upgrading order was issued two times in 1996 and in 2010 but no step has been taken for it’s implementation yet.
They further told that there is a shortage of basic facilities in school where there is no water, electricity, furniture, There is also a shortage of teachers, no peon, watchman and sweeper are found in school. They said that school building is so old and cracked from everywhere and it’s roof has worsened and students can not study well in school due to the fear of roof collapsing.
They told that they raised issue of school before elected representatives visiting their offices also in Open Kacheri in Murad Memon village even complained district management but no action has been taken yet regarding school up gradation, fundamental amenities and other issues.
They revealed that works and service department officials have visited said school 2 times and canvassed school deeply but no fruit gained from their visits.
They appealed PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Chief Minister Sindh, provincial minister of education, elected representatives and relavent authorities to fill the scarcity of fundamental facilities, shortage of teachers taking a notice also have implementation over decision of school upgrading so that girls can not be deprived from the right of education.

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