General Asim Munir First Succesful year as World Most Powerful Army Chief


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General Asim Munir took charge as Pakistan’s new Army Chief on 29th November 2022, he took charge at a times when Pakistan was facing numbers of challenges economic crisis, poor law n order condition and also the political un-stability.

Fortunately, Due to Chief of the Army Staff General Asim Munir personal interest for the betterment of country, now he has completed a one year tenure and during this one year Pakistan is now financially stable, elections are going to be held in the next year through democratic process and the inflation rate is now going down due to which the essential needs items prices are down .

However when we talk about the achievements during a period of just one year as Army Chief there are some of the most important goals and success which Pakistan achieve due to the efforts of General Asim Munir.

Federal government decides to launch Rs6.8bn health programmes which directly benefitted specially the poor public who can’t afford the expensive medical treatment.

Afghan Expulsion and Transit Trade: To curb the illegal entry of goods into the country, the government announced a 10 per cent processing fee on items imported under the Afghan transit trade agreement. It aims to deter smuggling and ensure pro­per taxation.

Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC): A special session of Apex Committee of the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) has unanimously approved various initiatives to be broached with friendly countries and directed to fast-track implementation of various projects conceived under these initiatives. SIFC committee applauds initiatives, plans for oil and gas sector investment. Businessmen call for SIFC-CPEC collaboration

Water Theft: Over 150 hydrants razed and 1,200 illegal connections disconnected  in action against water theft in Karachi

Anti-smuggling drive yields dividends; Robust measures implemented in Balochistan have translated into significant relief for Pakistanis. Earlier, millions of dollars were smuggled in Afghanistan every day. According to Bloomberg report that traders and smugglers were moving $5 million a day. With effective anti-smuggling measures, the value of the dollar has declined from 315 rupees to 276 rupees, which shows that the economy is stabilising due to these efforts. Petrol price has dropped from Rs 330 to Rs 283. Similarly, the price of flour dropped from Rs10,000 to Rs7,500. Apart from this, the security forces seized a huge quantity of urea which was being smuggled to Afghanistan. After which the market price of urea fell to Rs500 from Rs600 per sack.

However, Pakistan regional exports has increased 14.21 percent in 4 months as Kazakhstan seeks more textile imports from Pakistan, offers $2 billion market, earns $123.86m through fish exports in four months.

Chief of Army Staff also focuses on the agriculture sector as it is one of the biggest sector is Pakistan ,UN FAO’s 40 ambitious projects to revolutionize agriculture in Pakistan has initiated .

Moreover, While realizing the importance of natural gas need and to cover its shortage Rs423m TSG (Tech Supplementary Grant) approved for target gas projects in Sindh by Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet.

These are also some of the major success which our country achieved to get the country financially stable and to provide jobs to more people , Pakistan Stock Exchange crosses historic 60,000 points mark, Pakistan, Kuwait to sign seven MoUs on manpower, energy, defence and Pakistan, Kuwait to seal $10bn investment deal.

In the last week of the visit of Prime Minister Kakar Pakistan, UAE Ink MoUs worth Multi-Billion Dollar, UAE mineral giant eyes Pakistani mining venture; NT to invest around Rs2.5b in establishing mineral-based business in Pakistan, these MOUs were signed by the efforts of General Asim Munir.

Other than this , Higher prices of Dollar was also the major factor of higher inflation which the Army Chief policies and vision has controlled and now the dollar prices are down as compare to the previous prices, Forex association reports around $1bn deposited into banks after crackdown; Currency dealers’ daily average trading volume surges from $5-$7 million to an impressive $50 million, Current Account Deficit improved significantly  to $1.1 Billion during Jul- Oct FY24 as compared to $3.1 billion during Jul-Oct FY23.

The Citizens of Pakistan praised the efforts of Chief of Army Staff and asked him to continue his efforts as his actions benefitted the local public of country directly.

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