GBPS Pipri village observes Defence Day enthusiastically


Karachi: On 6th September a Day of Defence observed at GBPS Pipri village with a great spirit and enthusiasm. Hundreds of students and teachers participated ceremony in school uniform and raised slogans proudly Pakistan Zindabad and Pak Army Zindabad.

On that occasion head of Pipri Village school Abdul Aleem Baloch presided a ceremony and addressed participants.

He said that they observe a defence day to remember unity of nation and efforts done to push hostile army back and compelled them to run off.
He said that on this day they remember the sacrifices of their army soldiers who fought bravely and boldly to conquer enemy army and pay tribute to martyres of 1965.

Many students including Muhammad Faheem Brohi, Ghulam Mustafa Rajpar, Ahmed Zahid, Aijaz Ali and others had speeches and nation songs in the ceremony with a great zeal.

At the end of ceremony national flag was hosited by the head of school in the laud sound of students claps.

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