From moving to India to working with Shah Rukh, Michele Morrone: 8 bombshells dropped by Meera


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In a recent candid interview on Hasna Mana Hai with Tabish Hashmi, veteran Pakistani star Meera offered a glimpse into her intriguing showbiz journey, discussing her name change, encounters with criticism, and future endeavours. The actor, renowned for her dynamic presence, also shed light on being approached for Shah Rukh Khan’s film, Jab Tak Hai Jaan. However, her reason for not being able to be a part of the project hits a little too close to home. 

When asked about Jab Tak Hai Jaan being offered to her before Katrina Kaif, Meera confirmed it to be true.  However, when asked why she eventually wasn’t a part of the film, she said she had trouble getting a visa for London.

Reflecting on her international experiences, Meera spoke candidly about offers to live abroad, including marriage proposals and opportunities in Canada and the United States. She conveyed a sense of patriotism and pride in her Pakistani heritage, emphasising the emotional significance of one’s homeland and the profound loss associated with leaving it.

“I was offered by India to move into the country and get married there,” revealed the star. “I had the Canadian PR card. I have an American nationality and a green card. But leaving Pakistan is not a big achievement. It is your greatest defeat to leave your mother or your homeland. We feel pride that we live in America…Pakistan – no. I look at them and weep, I pray for them. May God give them wisdom. You aren’t loyal to your own country. You don’t know what your country and mother mean. You’re the biggest loser if you leave your country.

Apart from this, the Baaji star humorously recounted the changes she underwent upon entering the film world. “I had to change my name, my age,” joked Meera. “I had to change my number, my city. There were a few filmmakers – like Jarar Rizvi, Javed Sheikh, and my mother – who decided that my name, Syeda Irtiza Rubab, was quite religious. The film world is glamourous, an entry into a whole new world, where you must hit fours and sixes. The name must be short as well. And so my name changed from Irtiza to Meera.”

When questioned by an audience member about her reduced presence in the news, Meera humorously turned the spotlight on her critics. “When I was in the news, people had objections that I’m constantly in the news, always on television. Now that I’m not in the news, how do you feel now?” She continued, “Those in print media would write, ‘Learn the talent of staying in the news from Meera Jee.'”

Meera, known for her unapologetic demeanour, stressed the importance of self-confidence and resilience in the face of criticism. “If you wish to be successful or live a peaceful life, you must forget about what people will say…If you love me, what does my age, personal life, or past have to do with it?” she passionately asserted.

Addressing the issue of online trolling, Meera displayed a robust attitude. She acknowledged the prevalence of criticism and remarked on the ease with which people engage in negative discourse. “Criticism is easy,” said the star. “People have a lot of time on their hands, sitting in rooms, gossiping… I say something like, ‘Find your good qualities,’ they will criticise the same…I am not affected. I am saddened for these critics – they don’t understand. They need guidance, grooming. Perhaps, they don’t have those around them who can help them understand. I wish people would talk to me in English in this country. And I’m quite happy – I improved my Urdu, my English, and today, I can speak many languages.”

Offering a glimpse into her professional aspirations, Meera hinted at a forthcoming comeback with multiple projects, including an upcoming film. She further revealed a potential collaboration with Italian actor Michele Morrone, confirming that they plan to work together once their current commitments are fulfilled. When Tabish asked if the 365 Days actor had reached out to her, she confirmed it to be true. “Yes, for work…[He says], ‘Let’s work together.’ Once [current] projects finish, we will work together professionally, God willing.”

Talking about The Legend of Maula Jatt, Meera said, “I really liked the film. I do feel that there should have been more perfection in Mahira Khan’s [dialogue delivery].” Amidst thunderous public applause, she then recited Mahira’s famed dialogue from the film, resulting in the audience drowning the studio in chants of her name.

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