Fr Aldino Amato OP, Italian Missionary died at the age of 90 in Pakistan


“I thank God for the life and works of Fr. Amato, indeed he was a Leader and great Priest and Missionary in Pakistan, today is the feast of St. Joseph the worker and God has called back Fr. Amato, who had worked in his vineyard for 59 years” said His Excellency Bishop Indrias Rehmat, Bishop of Faisalabad Diocese in his Homily at  in check 6/4-l Okara, while celebrating the funeral rights.

His Excellency Rehmat also said that “the moment, I heard of his death, few Holy verses of the Holy Bible came into my mind which reveal the life of Fr. Amato:  Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Where you die, I will die, and there I will be buried (Ruth 1:16-17), in the same way he was stranger to our people he came as a missionary and served, lived and died in our country. “for Fr. Amato our pains, our suffering, our joys and happiness were his own” and “his death here in Pakistan is a witness to his commitment that he gave his life fully for our people.” 

The second verse is from 2 Corinthians 12:15 which says that “I will very gladly spend for you everything I have and expend myself as well” he in the same way had served and spent his life with full of joy and happiness, and there was nothing and he established it with love.

“Pakistani Church will always remember you” for all your services and for your dedicated priestly life in Pakistan, besides having everything, he chose to have a very simple and was virtues said Bishop Rehmat.

Rev. Fr. Amato at the age of 90 died at Ittefaq Hospital Lahore while suffering from Covid. He was a great and dedicated Catholic priest and missionary who left Italy is own country and lived in Pakistan for poor people and adopted the life and culture of Pakistan, he also learned our language, loved our food and people, and became one of Pakistani.  

He was an Italian Dominican Missionary serving the people of Pakistan since 1962 for almost 59 years. Fr. Amato served as a priest in Khushpur, Sahiwal, Warispura Faisalabad, Chichawatni, Okara City and Chak 6/4-L. and had built several churches, Schools, administered hostels for blind and his students are reached to the level of PHD. He loved the people of Pakistan, specially of Chak 6/4-L and made Maria and Michele Modugno Foundation and build Rosary Christian Hospital and a College for Girls.

Rev. Fr. Younus Shahzad, Dominican priest and provincial of Ibn-e-Mariam Vice Province of Pakistan in his comments had said that Fr. Amato in himself was an organization, school of thought and was very dedicated to his work, he was a like a tree who used to give shadow to those who were tired and need shelter.

While giving the biography of Fr. Amato, Fr. Younus said, that they were two brothers and one sister, their father had died when Fr. Amato was of only 18 months. He chose to be a Dominican and became priest at the age of 26 and after 5 years he came to Pakistan as missionary.

Dr. Sabir Michael, now, a professor of Karachi University, was born with a disability of blindness, calls himself as one of the fruits of the works of Fr. Amato.

Dr. Michael said that Fr.Amato Aldino OP an Italian Dominican Priest has died he was a true witness of the Christ who has gone to his heavenly Father and will enjoy the eternal life with God. Fr. Amato was a great Spiritual leader who inspired countless priest and established a Christian school and home for the blind and school and college for the poor villagers of chak 6 Okara.

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