Flood victims stage protest for Ration before DCK Sub Office Razzaq Abad


10 years have been passed to flood victims who had come from various areas of Sindh to take sanctuary at Razzaq Abad Karachi in 2010 still they are living in cottage like camp even their innocent children have been suffering from hunger a lot due to the increment of joblessness by lock down on the other hand food ingredients have been finished at their houses.

In this regards President of Sindh United Party Malir Faiz Sindhi made journalists visit of affected camp where victims gathered in a great number including women and children and complained about appetite raising severe slogans.

On that occasion Mai Hajran, Sakina, Ismail Soomro, Sanjar Solangi and others protested with children before District Council Karachi’s Bin Qasim Office and talked with journalists that they had come from various areas of Sindh with light hands leaving progenitor’s lands and other resources in search of sanctuary and reached at Razzaq Abad Karachi where they have been living since 2010 without any support.

They further said that in current situation they are without employment and serious scarcity of nutrition has occurred in their houses where children are hungry therefore Government of Sindh, elected representatives and effluent people of Malir support them otherwise their children will die of hunger before coronavirus.

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