First ever Media Scout Group formed in Karachi



Karachi: First ever, Media Scout Group Pakistan is established in Karachi as an open scouting group. Its scarf wearing ceremony was held at the Sindh Boys Scout Headquarters presided by the Secretary of Sindh Boys Scout Syed Akhtar Mir.

It was attended by the Group Scouts Leader Akhtar Shaheen Rind, Senior Leader Asif Jiaja, Mushtaq Sohail, Muhammad Nasir, Farid Khan, Qazi Nasir, Abdul Qayyum, Junaid Ahmed Rajput, Abida Ghori, Imran Gilani, Naveed Hai, Abdul Rehman Hashmi, Alia Qazi, Karam Akhtar, Anika Akhtar, Dr. Humira Karim, Haseen Fatima, Bisma Qazi, Altaf Hussain, Qazi Waiz, Abdul Faheem, Sahar Hussain, Dr. Umair Hafeez Awan, Mubeen Akhtar Rind, Mah Noor, Sana Akhtar Rind, Javeria Akhtar Rind and others.

Addressing the ceremony, Syed Akhtar Mir said that at the time of establishment of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah also became the first Chief Commissioner of Sindh Boys Scout and it was established under his leadership.

A scout’s life is spent helping and serving others and a good scout is one who has the passion to help other people more than himself. Scouts are dedicated to the spirit of service without discrimination of race, color, religion.

Scout leader Qazi Nasir said that people from all walks of life preferably media professionals and their families can participate in this group.

Akhtar Shaheen Rind, group leader of Media Scout Group Pakistan, said that it’s a great sense of achievement to formally have this media group under the guidance of Syed Akhtar Mir.

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