Finding the familiarity of Captivating


Finding the familiarity of Captivating,

That sound is heard before,

In order to remember that,

We must connect to it,

Disconnect from our reality,

Which seems reality

But is not reality!

Enter the zone of utmost reality,

That sound is of the beloved!!

I need to rush to it,

Something is stopping me,

Keeping me behind,

Will I be accepted?

There is a call after pain,

The light strikes,

No not this time

I don’t want to be fooled with outward shine,

Can’t let it go,

That might be a final call,

Glitters and sparkles must be forgotten,

To whom we worship,

We seek help from you.

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  1. Faizan says

    Tamjeed hashmi when I read your writing I feel so good .Allah bless you dear .

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