FC Area residents appear before Federal Ombudsman on complaint of water shortage & selling of illegal connections


Federal Capital-FC Area residents on Thursday appeared before federal ombudsman Karachi on the hearing of illegal water connections and shortage of drinking water complaints.

It was learned that numbers of FC Area residents by following SOPs chanted slogans to provide water and to take action against the mafia involve in selling illegal water connections.

Leader of Pakistan Muslim League Functional District Central Fayyaz Khan stated that, Pml-f cabinet members informed Ombudsman about the selling of illegal water connections in the area on behalf of ten thousand rupees

PWD and Estate Office officials were present in the court, where Honorable Ombudsman told said officials to submit report on 18th June 2020 by resolving the issues of illegal water connections, he added.

Moreover Fayyaz Khan shared that ,PML-F members stand with citizens in this cause and We don’t want to give lollipop to citizens , either residents of fc area give vote to Pml-F or not we took the practical initiative of this basic right of drinking water.

PML-F leader said that they are Compiling records of selling illegal connections , as the citizens are forced to purchase water from tankers

Further he stated that, Committee formed of PML-F PS -127 and UC 36 to resolve the basic issues of citizens and we are working on it practically

In addition he said, We have arranged transport to move residents to the office of Federal Ombudsman, Case would also get file on Sindh High Court regarding the issue of water shortage and selling of illegal connections by cutting legal connections of drinking water.

Fayyaz Khan expressed hope that the said issue would resolve very soon and said PML-F stand with the residents of Karachi specially for FC Area, Punjab Colony and Liaquatabad residents.

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