FC Area resident urges for action against persons involve in threatening to evacuate flat


Tarannum Shirazi resident of Flat Number F 30/03 submitted application to Arman Fayyaz President of PML-F PS-127 that some persons claiming activist of PSP are threatening her to evacuate flat.

She added that Person namely Naeem involved in this act as he had filed case in past in which the court issued decision in favour of her.

She claimed that now the said person by his allies Azadar, Zohaib and Adnan are threatening her for severe consequences if she had not evacuate the flat.

She asked PML-F PS-127 president that she work in a factory whereas she has four daughter for which she is very depressed as the said persons sometimes came at the door and also threatened on phone call.

Further she urged Arman Fayyaz to provide justice as she have all the legal documents of possession.

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