Experts recommend vaccination against seasonal diseases


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KARACHI: Amidst a surge in cases of allergic cold, cough, and pneumonia in Karachi hospitals, medical experts strongly advise citizens to get flu vaccines as a precautionary measure, particularly for children and the elderly who are more vulnerable to pneumonia.

Experts shared their concerns with Daily City News on Tuesday, highlighting the growing instances of cold, cough, and pneumonia attributed to the climate change and environmental pollution.

A week ago, hospitals reported 10 to 20 cases of these illnesses at their outpatient departments (OPDs), but that number has now doubled, with 40 to 50 patients seeking treatment.

Dr Faisal Javed, a general physician at Jinnah Hospital, revealed that approximately 100 patients with seasonal viral are examined daily at the OPDs. Previously, only 20 out of 100 patients complained of cold, cough, and pneumonia symptoms, but now the figure has gone up to around 50 daily cases, often accompanied by fever. These cases are initially diagnosed as allergies.

When patients do not respond to initial treatment for allergic flu, they are advised to undergo a PCR test to determine if they have a viral infection. Dr Javed cautioned against self-prescribing antibiotics at home, as this can exacerbate the situation, urging citizens to consult doctors instead.

Dr Umar Sultan, an assistant professor at Jinnah Hospital, noted that with the end of the monsoon season and increased air pollution, schoolchildren and the elderly are more susceptible to cold, cough, and pneumonia.

While most cases are not severe, there has been a significant uptick in hospital cases compared to the norm.

The medical experts recommend annual vaccination for those whose health are adversely affected by climate change or have weak lungs.

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