Education Minsister reaffirm SEF commitment for quality education



Karachi : The Caretaker Minister of Education, Rana Hussain, reaffirmed her unwavering commitment to quality education during the annual review conference on the Quality Assurance Framework of the People’s School Program (PSP), by the Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) Government of Sindh.

The conference, held at the Futurum, Professional Development Center in Karachi. Minister shared that the Sindh Text Book Board Jamshoro is set to hand over books to SEF on the upcoming Friday.

The People’s School Program, an initiative of the Sindh Education Foundation, Government of Sindh, has successfully operationalized purposefully built, state-of-the-art school buildings across various districts of Sindh under the Sindh Education Foundation’s Public-Private Partnership modality. Presently, 34 PSP schools are functional in diverse districts.

In line with the completion of an academic year for these schools, the Annual Review Conference with Dr Fatima Dar aimed to assess the status of the Quality Assurance Framework and strategize a way forward to ensure the delivery of quality education in PSP schools.

Participation from SEF’s partner organizations, including Iqra University, Indus Resource Center, Taleem Foundation, Moawin, Development in Literacy, Progressive Education Network, Sindh Agriculture on Forestry Water Coordination, Chartered for Compassion, SZABIST, Sindh Madrsa, Green Crescent Center, and Ziauddun University.

Education Minister Rana Hussain, emphasizing her commitment as an educationist, expressed the need for collective efforts to bridge gaps and improve facilities. She stressed, “Together we can bring about change.”

Abdul Kabir Kazi, Managing Director of SEF, highlighted the increasing enrollment and the pivotal role SEF plays. He acknowledged the challenges faced by schools and emphasized the importance of devising plans to address these issues, stating, “With positive indicators, we are confident that, over time, we will achieve our objectives.”

The conference concluded with a forward-looking agenda, including strengthening the roles of the foundation and partner organizations, execution of cluster and performance monitoring, focus on Continuous Professional Development, ICT integration, alignment of school strategic plans with QAF, and fostering flexibility and adaptability.

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