Education & Health System in Sindh needs to revamp: PML-F leader Pirzada Yasir


The Pakistan Muslim League Functional (PML-F) is one of the leading political party in Sindh Province having its members in the provincial and national assembly. It is primarily associated with the religious leader Pir Pagara.

This Political Party has its supporters in various districts of Sindh including other parts of the country. The Majority of the party supporters are Hurs, a Sufi Muslim community which spread in Sindh, Punjab including other parts of the country.

As per the information available on the internet , Pir Pagara, who also heads the PML-F, is a post of the spiritual leader of Hurs, appointed by the Caliphs of the Hurs. There are 16 Caliphs, out of which 15 are in Pakistan, while the 16th resides in India.

The PML-F is headed by Pir Pagaro Pir Sibghatullah Shah Rashidi, also known as Raja Saein. Pir Pagaro is a spiritual post awarded to the leader of the Hur Jamaat.

Hurs are a warlike Sufi Muslim community in Sindh celebrated in Pakistan for the long-running guerrilla campaign it fought against the British Raj.

The PML-F is one of the factions of original Pakistan Muslim League. Shah Mardan Shah’s father, Pir Sibghatullah Shah Rashidi-II, also known as Soreh Badshah, the 6th Pir Pagaro, was hanged by the British rulers in 1943 in Central Jail Hyderabad to crush an uprising against the British.

Pirzada Yasir Saeen recently appointed as Central Vice President of PML-F by the leadership, he is a Grandson of Shah Mardan Shah (Pir Pagara), In the past, he has served on the post of Vice President Sindh, President of Karachi Division including other leading positions of the party.

While Speaking with City News Pirzada Yasir stated that, “ We believe in unity, we are all Pakistanis, Race/ Religion/ Sect are the personal matter of any person and these differences are the main reason of division”.

Describing PML-F Policy he informed that our party welcomes every Pakistani either he or she belongs from any religion or spoke any language, Unity is the only power by which we as a nation could achieve every success.

On the question of PML-F preparation regarding upcoming local bodies elections in the country and especially in Sindh province he shared that Pakistan Muslim League Functional leadership including workers are always prepare for elections either it would be local government or general elections.

Moreover, PML-F Leader said that in his view local government elections in Sindh would not be held on time, but whenever the said election held PML-F would win with heavy margin as our party has roots in public as it is one of the oldest party in the country.

On the Question of major issues in Sindh Province Mr. Yasir Saeen added that , Health, Education, Lack of basic facilities and disaster risk management are some of the major issues, he asked that if any disaster would happen anywhere in the province then the provincial government have no disaster risk management system to tackle the issue and save the lives of citizens .

Moreover, he informed that Education and health system also needs reforms, transparency and extension in every Union Council to provide better facilities for every citizen at their doorstep.

Whereas on the question of Youth and Women inclusion in the party , PML-F Central Vice President said, Women and youth have importance in the party as they are not only included in different wings of the party but also a member of the National and Provincial Assembly on the tickets of Functional league.

However, on the question of Pakistan Peoples Party led the provincial government in Sindh Province he stated that I do not believe on blame game it’s the reality that PPP has the majority in the provincial assembly and our party is in opposition bench, so it is the responsibility of PPP to deliver and take initiatives for the betterment of citizens.

If we would get majority in the next elections then we will take every step for the redressal of public issues.

On the Question of Federal Government performance, he stated that the PML-F is also the part of the central government coalition with Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, he said that under the leadership of Imran Khan Prime Minister of Pakistan, the federal government is delivering at its best.

In addition, he shared that if the central government would provide direct funds to the MNA’s of PML-f in Sindh province then the elected public representatives would initiate some developmental work in their respective constituencies which would be beneficial for the citizens as well as for the strengthening of the party .

While discussing on his plan for the strengthening of the functional league in all over the country he shared that soon he would visit Islamabad including various cities of Punjab to meet with the old workers of party to form a strategy for upcoming local government elections and to reorganize & strengthen the set up of Pml-f.

While discussing Student politics he stated that the government should have to lift the ban from student unions and the student also has responsibility to avoid wrongdoings and bad practices in educational institutes.

At last in his message for the future generation, he shared that, Youth should have to take an interest in educational activities and should have to avoid the use of drugs including any type of tobacco products which leads to addiction. 

Moreover, he emphasized Youth to think for the country, give services and your time for the betterment of the country & do every work with dedication and honesty.

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