Education affected by Coronavirus & new learning opportunities


About more than 1.5 billion students out of schools due to the coronavirus pandemic. The coronavirus or COVID-19 originated from China’s largest city Wuhan in December 2019 and now coronavirus affected more than 212 counties and territories worldwide. Over 5,090,061 infected globally, and more than 329,732 people dead due to this virus and in Pakistan over 47,259 infected and more than 1,009 dead.

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus outbreak as a Global Public Health Emergency and WHO advised shutting all transport, education institutions, public gatherings, and advised to social distancing to minimize the spread of coronavirus.

Coronavirus lots of affected on our education and students cannot reach classrooms to take education so our schools must find out an alternative solution that can help students to continue their education.

This pandemic situation realized us that we must have need to use technology and those educational institutions that not adopted technology and now they are facing problems in using technology.

Nowadays we are using Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social sites groups to continue our education and I think these ways will be beneficial for us.

In previous time most of the education institutions neglected the use of technology in their education system because this needs a lot of time and investment so now, they are facing problems in using technology for educational purposes.

This pandemic situation and changing taught us new things, it is not necessary for us that we can learn through only physical classes, but we can also learn from the online medium.

In this digital era social distancing is not a big challenge even now we are connected with people through digital tools and we can also adopt the same way in getting education through digital technology.

Those parents who have no knowledge of using new digital tools they can use Facebook for their children to continue their education.

This is a good time for teachers that they can provide education to their students through alternative mediums and better time to handover getting an education to students and teachers to monitor their students. Digital education will encourage students towards self-study

Obliviously we face a lot of problems in using new things, but we should have to try it first then we can complain about it.

If we are weak or backward in technology but we can do this and can increase our techniques for getting an education in new ways.

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