Ecosystem and Climate change


By: Engr. Asif Ali

An ecosystem is a natural environment consist of both the flora(plants)and fauna (animals)that live and interact with environment.

Our ecosystem is dependent on both biotic and abiotic components. In Biotic includes all flora, fauna and bacteria’s, whereas, in abiotic includes non-living componenets such as climate, soil and water.

Here, climate plays an important role regarding maintaining a proper ecosystem.

In climate the temperature and the level of rainfall decides the existence of both flora and fauna.

In the contemporary situation climate change has become a big challenge and it threats very existence of ecosystem.

Climate change or global warming is the average rise of temperature of environment, which creates issues in the environment.

The biggest cause of climate change is the green houpse gases which produced due to burning of fossil fuels.

These become cause of global average rise of temperature, water crisis, heavy rains, flood and landsliding etc.

In order to counter such worst impacts of climate change different international agreements have been made such as the Kyoto protocol and Montreal protocols to reduce the green house gases and to improve the ozone layer but due to populist leaders and hegemonic behaviour of super powers all these efforts went bite to dust and had created environment of eco-anxiety.

In this situation,nation states feel the challenges and fear of climate change but can not do anything and feel helpless.

So, serious efforts and proper planing can counter the effect of climate change and a good ecosystem can be maintained.

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