“Dr. Peter David: A Proud Story of Determination”

By Ayaz Morris


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When desire becomes a quest and quest becomes an obsession, then the impossibilities and difficulties of life are meaningless.

In life, determination and wit-filled attitude and constancy become a disposition, then success becomes a destiny. And people look at resources, not issues.

I’m always looking for stories of such people as real-life success stories. Those who are not afraid of situations and hardships, but become proud stories through their big dreams and courage.

Today, I will tell you a proud story of determination, independence, hard work, and extraordinary achievement.

The personality, life, and services of Dr. Peter J. David are very interesting and marvelous. I am grateful to Dr. James Shera, who introduced me to Dr. Peter David. I also interviewed Dr. Peter David online for my YouTube channel, which did not go well due to the Internet. So let me tell you his inspiring story in writing.

Dr. Peter David was born on 5th October 1941 in Faisalabad. His father PL David worked in the Gownash Mill lab while his mother Grace David was an elementary school teacher. He went to primary school at the municipal school. And passed the matriculation exam from there.

He says that when his family purchased a home in Jang Bazar, Faisalabad in 1956. That house is still the oldest house of a Christian family that has been inhabited by a single family. Dr. Peter David explains that because in Pakistani society at that time, career decisions were made by parents.

I wanted to get into Forman Christian College in Lahore, but I didn’t have the money to pay the fees. Then I joined Gordon College, Rawalpindi where I met missionary John Curry who paid my fees for Gordon College, and I joined the FSc at Gordon College in 1957.

My parents wanted me to be a doctor, and I obeyed my parents completely. In 1959, I went to Multan Nishtar College. Dr. Peter says his academic career has not been as bright, but he has always been involved in other activities. Nevertheless, he passed all his examinations on time. He first worked at Christian Hospital Taxila, then in various mission hospitals for 5 years.

During the 1965 war, he was working as an intern at UCH Lahore when cardiologist Dr. Boy asked him to take over as an administrator at the Sahiwal Hospital as American doctors were forced to return due to the war.

Dr. Peter says he was only 22 at the time. He has worked at Sahiwal Hospital for three years and Sialkot Hospital for two years.

In 1968, he married Mrs.Shamim David while he was working at Memorial Hospital. In 1969 he was granted a work permit in the UK. “I have never wasted time and I don’t have that much time for worries and disappointments”. Says Dr. Peter.

6 days after I arrived in the UK, I went to a nearby hospital and asked them if you don’t have a job for me, please give me some work as a volunteer so that I can do some work instead of being free. I am a working person all the time. Even now, at the age of 81, I open my clinic 7 days a week and I work free weekends in the summer for the comfort of my patients. My attitude toward work has always been missionary. My wife supported me all along that journey. It has been very important. Without the prayers of my parents, I could not have succeeded.

In answer to a question, Dr.Peter David said that if young Pakistani Christians want to have a better place in society and change their economic and social situation, They don’t need to adopt any other formula except hard work. I understand that without the prayers of parents, the development of children is impossible. I always tell my children and students to always speak the truth.

Dr. Peter David is chair of The Pakistan International Christian Medical Association. He has contributed Rs. 2 crores to the Forman Christian College, University’s Christian Students Scholarship Fund since 2002. It is supported the most in the entire globe, he is the only Pakistani to have this distinction. Dr. Peter J. David is also involved in Pakistan’s ancient Christian institutions’ reconstruction and preservation. Additionally, he is helping to renovate the United Christian Hospital in Lahore.

Dr. Peter J. David is a well-known social worker, former chairman of the board of directors of Forman Christian College, and Church of Scotland attorney in addition to being a British physician of Pakistani descent. He also advocates for education for deserving pupils.

The life of Dr. Peter David serves as a positive role model for Pakistani youth. They can succeed in any endeavor if they put in the continued effort, guts, and a proactive mindset. Call it a natural miracle or the result of Dr. Peter David’s toil since He lacked the funds to pay for his college entrance. To honor Dr. Peter David Block’s contributions to giving money to deserving students, the institution has dedicated a building on the campus after him today.

Many individuals in the world are blessed by God, but they don’t experience true blessings because they keep their benefits to themselves, unlike Dr. Peter David, who shares his blessings with others and experiences true blessings. Dr. Sahib has always taken an active role in the growth and prosperity of his community because he has a heart for people. He is also a practical supporter of young people’s professional and academic development. Dr. Peter David, you are our nation and community’s pride and asset. We thank you for your services.

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