Devoted Efforts of Sindh Government resulted in NAB’s call; Nasir Hussain Shah


Sindh Minister for Information & Local Government Syed Nasir Hussain Shah has said that the day and night efforts of the Sind Government to curb Corona has resulted in the form of Chief Minister’s appearance in NAB today.

Nasir Shah expressed his view on his residence ALI HOUSE today. He criticized the alleged negligence of the federal government for controlling the harmful disease,

“The Sindh Government was loudly demanding to design a national policy to curb Corona since its anticipation. We took extremely tough decisions to save the human lives but the federal ministers criticized our efforts brutally. Only a well-defined national policy can make the lives of people save now”.

Minister Information credited Murad Ali Shah for his timely efforts to control the Corona Crises and saving the human lives,

“Chief Minister Sind was the only one who took the brave initiatives by keeping all the stakeholders united on one page. We did our best to save the human lives, ignoring the criticism from the federal cabinet as per the instruction of Chairman PPP. Chief Minister Sind is now facing the NAB for his uncompromised fight against the disease”.

Nasir Shah further stated that Sind Government will religiously follow the court orders,

“We will keep on cooperating with the federal government as per the worthy directives of the Court. We do not want to risk the human lives at any cost for anything. We request the federal government to design and implement a national anti-Corona Policy”.

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