Department of Environment stops Nagori colony from casting faeces


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Malir settler Siddique Baloch has submitted application in Sindh Environment Department after that he submitted petition in Sindh High Court against environmental pollution, destruction of agriculture and occurring danger to human life due to poisonous faece of 400 cattle-sheds of Nagori Society.

Sindh High Court had cross examination from Sindh Environment Department cause of that Environmental Department sent notice to Nagori colony two times but could not come after that Environmental Department issued order to Nagori in order to cease casting poisonous faeces of cattle-sheds in Malir nullah on immediate basis
In this regards petitioner Siddique Baloch talked with journalists and said that he had made aware political, social leaders, elected representatives about environmental pollution and appealed to play active role regarding that issue but no one took interest.

He said that he had won the case against sand and gravel theft and got stopped theft after that he submitted application in Environmental department to stop poisonous faeces of Nagori cattle-sheds throwing in Malir nullah and petitioned in High Court.

He said that at initial stage Nagori has ceased to issue poisonous faeces so if Nagori does not implement on issued order then he will get issued an other order from High Court and will become successful one day in stopping poisonous faeces

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