Delegation of Journalists, Political, Social leaders visited Bahria Town affected villages


Journalists, social, political leaders had enumerated visit of villages affected by influential builder of elite class residential scheme Bahria Town on the behalf of Indigenous Rights Alliance and Awami Workers Party led by nepotist leaders Abdul Khaliq Jonejo, Imdad Chachar, Yousuf Masti Khan, Ali Mastoi, Dr Khurram, Karachi Bachao Tahreek Madam Areba, Democratic Women Forum’s madam Comrade Abida, Shafi Sheikh, Roshan Balouch in which political, social leaders and distinct electronic and print media correspondents, area’s people participanted in a great number.

On that occasion Abdul Hafeez Balouch made visit of affected villages like Hadi Bukhsh, Umaid Ali, Darya Khan, Ali Dad, Haji Ali Muhammad, Arbab, Kheer Thar, Depar Goondar, Abdullah, Noor Ali, Dad Muhammad Gabol and others in a detail.

During the visit habitants of villages came out from their houses crowdedly where Amanullah Gabol, Umaid Ali Gabol, Rahimdad Gabol, Abdul Shakoor and others briefed delegation and told that from a day when Bahria Town was founded near their villages till today it has become much agony for villagers and their villages and raids are being on villages with any excuse by Bahria Town management day in day out where villagers are implicated in different fraudulent cases, their historic village’s ways are closed, their oldest cemeteries are ruined and even mosques, madrrisas and houses are being removed.

They told that leased and surveyed lands of said villages are being occupied forcibly pretending the decision of Supreme Court and although legal leased villages are also being narrow and occupied by attacking.

They said that recently Bahria Town had closed their route against which villagers had resistance and remonstrated highly and sat in before main gate after that route is opened temporary, if that route is closed then villagers will have to bear great troubles.

On that occasion old age people announced dropping tears from their eyes and said that they swear of their children that they will rather die than to leave their descendants lands.

They expressed pity on Sindh Government, elected representatives and local feudalists and duxes and said that they haven’t supported them so they should not have hope for any thing from them.

They appealed all conscious and aware people of Sindh to come a head and support Bahria Town’s affected villagers.

In the many gatherings during the visit central president of Awami Workers Party Yousuf Masti Khan, Dr Khurram, Jia Sindh Mahaz leader Abdul Khaliq Jonejo, Ali Mastoi, Wahab Riaz, Karachi Bachao Tehreek’s Madam Areba, leader of Democratic Women Forum Madam Comrade Abida and others addressed and assured villagers that they should understand them alone, all conscious people of Sindh are with them in every condition.

They said that villagers have to be bold and donot frighten to leave their descendants lands for Bahria Town because they will stand with them what may be the circumstances.

They further said that today they have seen cruelty and brutality of Bahria Town management on villagers so they will not leave them alone.

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