DC Malir calls session to make strategy for removal of Dur Muhammad Kharos village


Malir Administration has mentioned Dur Mohammed Kharos village near national highway as a encroachment and decided to remove it by the instruction of Sindh High Court.

In this regard Deputy Commissioner Malir has issued a letter in which he has called a session with police, rangers and revenue staff on 18 September in Order to make a strategy regarding removal of Dur Muhammad Kharos village which consists on 30 acres where 5 hundreds houses are set up and its total population is 4 thousands approximately.

After the decision of removing village villagers have come in aggression and anxiety even they have announced to have a strict resistance against raiders because Sindh Government has sanctioned their village.

In this regard Administration said that the land belongs to MDA where village is situated and allottee lady Hussna had submitted a petition in Sindh High Court in 2016 and submitted all testimonials of occupation over residential scheme Shah latif sector A on which court took decision in 17March in 2020 to empty occupation which was delayed due to pandemic Covid19.

On the other side head of village Dur Mohammed Kharos talked with journalist and told that their village is situated at government land whose receipts were issued by DC Malir and which is under the sanction order of revenue department.

He further said many attempts have been done to remove the village in past, so he cleared that what may happen they will not vacate village land.

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