COVID-19 patients’ medical waste could transmit virus; President MQI Karachi


By: Muhammad Tayyab

The sewage effluent will be hazardous to humans through marine life,Street crime is on the rise despite lockdown in Karachi, said Naeem Ansari

Allama Naeem Ansari, president of the MQI Karachi, expressed strong concern over not being able to scientifically dispose of the products used for the patients of Karuna, saying that the medical waste of the patients will reach the sea through drains where aquatic life including fish.

That would be dangerous to humans, including aquatic life.

Allama Naeem Ansari expressed concern over the rising street crime in Karachi despite the harsh lockdown and said that even in these situations street crime is a moment of worry.

He Strongly condemned and demanded strict action from the administration.

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