Contract, Workcharge employees would be regularise soon by efforts of DG KDA, Syed Imran Hussain


Syed Imran Hussain Patron in Chief of KDA Employees Union CBA stated that under the leadership and decisions of DG KDA Naveed Anwar Siddiqui Karachi Development Authority has stood on its feet again today.

Summary of regularization of contract and work charge employees has been approved by DG KDA for put up on item note for further approval from GB meeting.

In response to the question asked by journalists in the CBA office, Syed Imran Hussain said that there will be more surprises for the KDA staff, Due to the labour friendly policies of DG KDA, the department has come out of financial deficit and crisis, the grant has been increased from 28 crores to 40 crores.

Further he said that ,KDA is moving ahead, there was a tough time which is about to end now, Salaries will be paid within a few days after the getting grant .

As much as the DG KDA has tried, there is no example of it, Inshallah, the summary of the regularization by which the work charge and contract employees who are the petitioners of the court will all be regularized soon, he told.

He expressed hope that Employees Union CBA MQM Pakistan is hopeful for the approval of this summary, DG Naveed Anwar Siddiqui will take the institution to its rightful place, which inshallah will be a golden era for KDA now.

On this occasion, CBA President Abdul Maroof ,General Secretary Qamar Abbas has also promised the approval of the charter. CBA MQM Pakistan wholeheartedly supports the emergency measures taken during the tenure of DG KDA Naveed Anwar Siddiqui and stands side by side with him, he added.

Syed Imran Hussain said that, The credit for all initiatives and success goes to the great officer Naveed Anwar Siddiqui and We stand shoulder to shoulder with our DG.

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