Contract signed for installation of CCTV at worship places of Minorities


Karachi: A Contract signing ceremony was held on Monday for the project “Installation of Security Surveillance Cameras at Worship Places of Minorities” between Information, Science & Technology Department , Government of Sindh & National Radio &  Telecommunication Corporation ( NRTC), Ministry of Defence on Government to Government (G2G) basis  in Information Science & Technology Department was chaired by Muhammad Taimur Talpur Minister Information, Science & Technology Department attended by Secretary IS&TD , Director ISTD, Director ISTD & from NRTC Managing Director Brig Tofique Ahmed,  GM South, RM South.

As per the details, Consultant was hired and a Feasibility study was conducted. Total of finalized 253 sites were viable for CCTV cameras installation with allied accessories,

The subject project will provide 24 hour security surveillance cover to more than 253 worship places across Sindh.

Whereas A total of 3,357 Latest cameras and video recording equipment will be installed andThe number of cameras installed at each location will depend upon the size of location (worship place) itself. All such cameras at worship place(s) will be connected via cable to a central office at that location.

However it was learned that, The project envisages use of technology for providing security at places of worship and prayer. Such places include worship places of Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, and Parsi etc.

It has been now been proven worldwide that 24-hour camera surveillance has been a major impediment against crime and terrorist incidents.

In future this project could be accelerated part of safe cities project whenever to be launched under the Safe City Authority.

The successful execution of this project will result in the reduction of security related incidents and greatly increase peace of mind for our valued minority community. Such an endeavor to certainly be an image building initiative of Pakistan internationally specially after minority incidences being reported in national and international media.

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