Consultation on Agri Based Food System Production, Processing and Consumption


Sukkur (Press Release)
NARI Foundation & Awaz Foundation,VSO & UKAID recommended Sustainable Development Goal-2 zero hunger can be only achieved by production and easy access to quality food in Pakistani peoples.

Agriculture Expert and honorable citizen demanded to ensure equal access of all to quality food and said that food security is an international issue that’s why this should be raised globally.

NARI FOUNDATION organized a consultation meeting on Agri-Based food system production, processing and consumption patterns in Pakistan under Education & Livelihood support Program with the association of AWAZ Foundation Pakistan,VSO & UKAID on 29th January 2021 @ Sukkur, during consultation meeting Mr.Zia-Ur- Rehman from Awaz Foundation & Huma Aziz from Awaz Foundation Pakistan, Mr. Shahid Khan & Humaira from VSO, Anwar Mahar from NARI Foundation and others expressed their views and said that in September United Nation going to organize a food summit in which all member countries submit their recommendations for providing quality food, they also said that according to second goal of sustainable Development Goals for achieving zero hunger target all countries are on one plate farm.

They also said that for achieving the target of quality food it is necessary to utilize modern technology and trainings of farmers.

Lacking of quality food is an international issue which is facing by many countries and for solution of this issue all countries will have to work on effective policy making. Sattar Zangejo, Barkat Ansari, Afshan Asgher, Shakeela Kanwal, Fatima Naeem Mangi, Khalid bhanban, Raheem Bux , Sehrish Khokar, Hakim Gull,Mushtaq Tanwari and the officers from agriculture, Fisheries & livestock department including CSOs representative,media,youth,and community activist also participated in consultation meeting.

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