Consultation held on Climate change nexus with water resources in Sindh


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SPO from the SCAN Sindh Climate Action Network platform, under Oxfam funded Influencing Climate Change Preparedness and Resilience project the organized a networking, and lobbying meeting titled “CONSULTATION ON CLIMATE CHANGE NEXUS WITH WATER RESOURCES IN SINDH.” This meeting was organized in collaboration with SIDA (Sindh Irrigation Drainage Authority).

The primary objective of the meeting focused on the Climate Change Nexus with Water Resources in Sindh, and was to discuss adoptive, comprehensive and collaborative strategies, and innovative solutions that address the intricate relationship between climate change and water resources in the Sindh region.

The SCAN Team shared achievements through presentation and proper discussion, and several joint initiatives were discussed for potential collaboration. The meeting proceeded well, with the participation of SIDA Chairman, Mr. Qabool Muhammad Khatiyan, their General Managers, representatives from UNOCHA, INGOs, and other stakeholders. It is hoped that this meeting will serve as the gateway for the next steps towards more innovative and collaborative initiatives. The SCAN Team intends to take up water policy implementation and translate it into Sindhi for execution at the grassroots level.

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