Confucius Institute and Chinese Language


By: Shere Azam

It is safe to say that Pakistan and China follow this example and shine with full splendor in the sky of friendship.

Pakistan was the first Islamic country to accept China in 1950 and it was the first step towards friendship which was further deepened when the Prime Ministers of the two countries met in 1955, as a result of these welcome meetings.

China established Urdu departments in its universities to strengthen the bond of friendship.

Over time, Pak-China friendship has also benefited from strengthening Pakistan’s economy. China was Pakistan’s largest arms supplier and third largest trading partner. At present, Pakistan’s friendship with China is going to take a material form. The CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) project is a living example of this. China is providing jobs to Pakistani engineers, doctors and workers in multiple fields but the biggest problem is language harmony.

Since Chinese is not as easy to understand as other languages, So Karachi University established the Confucius Institute which facilitates the future of students by teaching Chinese twice a year in January and August.

Students who pass the full six levels are given parallel status of bachelor’s degree in Chinese. Chinese language has been made compulsory and optional in various departments of Karachi University; similarly this subject has been made compulsory in NED University, IBA etc.

In view of this, China has started the process of teaching Chinese language in different countries around the world in order to maintain the best relations of the future and all other countries including Pakistan have gladly accepted and appreciated this initiative.

Separate Chinese language institutes have been set up in the universities of the different countries, including the most developed countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Spain.

In all other countries including Pakistan, China named this institute as Confucius Institute. On this name, China established institutes for learning Chinese in various universities around the world.

By the end of 2013, the institute had been established in 172 countries around the world. The aim is to introduce Chinese tradition to students in schools, colleges and universities.

The foundation of this institute in Karachi is benefiting not only the citizens of Karachi but also the people of the whole country as its need in economy, trade, society, culture, education; media etc is increasing with each passing day.

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