Complicated heart surgery at NICVD saves life of ten-year-old boy


Doctors at the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) performed a complicated heart surgery to save the life of a ten-year-old boy. Three medical professionals, including one paediatric cardiac surgeon of the NICVD participated in the operation that lasted an hour.

The boy, Rehan, was badly injured as a knife had pierced through his chest into the heart. Earlier, doctors associated with different private and public hospitals had refused to perform the surgery because of its life-threatening nature.

The boy started heavy bleeding from chest and his condition became serious. Later, the boy was taken to the NICVD in critical condition, where paediatric cardiologist Dr Abdul Sattar Shaikh examined him and recommended that surgery should be performed on him on an emergency basis.

Within 10 minutes patient intubated and shifted to operation theatre where a complicated surgery was performed successfully that lasted an hour. The other doctors who took part in the life-saving surgery included paediatric surgeon Dr Sohail Bangash and Anesthetist Prof. Amin Khawaja.

The parents of the boy said Rehan is resident of Nawabshah and the child was visiting Karachi at his paternal uncle’s house, adding that children there were playing and accidently the knife pierced through his chest that penetrate into heart.

Talking to media, Dr. Abdul Sattar Shaikh and Dr. Sohail Bangash said that the boy’s heart was ruptured and it was repaired. We performed the surgery with full expertise and saved the life of the boy. The minor is still at the hospital and recovering quickly. As any further delay in the complicated surgery could have endangered his life.

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