College Boundary wall collapsed in Ibrahim Haideri


Boundary wall of Government Boys College collapsed at sea shore of Ibrahim Haideri which was established by PPP former provincial minister Muzafar Ali Shujra in 1995.

Boundary wall collapsed down due to sea and rain water although water has entered into college and cracked walls and roof of it by which terror of its collapsion has occurred.

College was established spending millions of ruppess.

It has been informed that when college was being established then it was suspcted that its boundary wall will fall down due to softness of ground, bitter water and sea environmental pollution but building was established deliberately with out caring about suspension so due to wrong planning 12 years have been passed to the establishment of college but teaching process has not been started in college yet.

It should be declared that a long ago educational secretary visited college and proclaimed to kick off teaching process in college soon but teaching process has not been commenced yet.

On the other hand Former provincial minister Muzafar Ali Shujra told on contact that he had established college his ministerial period but because of inability of educational department that it could not own the college.

He said that college boundary Wall was rebuilt after its collapsion but it has been fell down due to no superintendence of it.He further told that fish factories were not in a quantity when college was established but at present such factories are much enough that’s why everywhere in Ibrahim Haideri just environmental pollution and its bad smell has spread.

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