CJP Isa lauds ‘unmatched Pathan morals’


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ISLAMABAD: In a light-hearted moment during the hearing of a land dispute case, Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Qazi Faez Isa lauded the “unparalleled morals” of the Pathan community but said, “they just tend to hold onto grudges for a long period of time”.

The top court’s atmosphere briefly shifted from seriousness to geniality on Tuesday as the judges erupted into laughter during the proceedings.

During the hearing, lawyer Munir Paracha informed the court about a dispute between two brothers, prompting CJP Isa to interject and commend the Pashtun community.

The CJP noted that the ethics and morals found among the Pathan community were unmatched elsewhere, but humorously added that they just tend to keep long-lasting enmities.

The lawyer, taken aback by the CJP’s praise, responded with a light-hearted remark, expressing concern that he had perhaps made an inappropriate comment in the wrong setting.

The remark elicited a peal of laughter from the fellow judges during the proceedings.

CJP Isa then turned to his fellow judges, opining that achieving consensus on the matter at hand would be challenging and emphasised the need to break the cycle of habitual litigation.

A three-member bench of the top court, led by the chief justice, heard the case related to the land dispute during the hearing.

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