City belongs to everyone: mayor


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KARACHI: City Mayor Barrister Murtaza Wahab has underlined the need to highlight the collective thinking that Karachi belongs to everyone. “The election phase is over, and now it is time to move beyond politics and work together for the betterment of the city,” he said while addressing a press conference on the Frere Hall lawn on Tuesday.

Wahab also extended an invitation to the opposition to join hands for the development of Karachi. Deputy Mayor Salman Abdullah Murad, PPP leaders Najmi Alam, Qadir Patel, and Karamullah Waqasi were also present at the press conference.

He expressed that the roadmap for development is being communicated to the citizens of Karachi through the media. He expressed gratitude to the party leadership for appointing him to this significant position, enabling him to play a positive role in the city’s development.

He emphasised the intention to work diligently, assuring citizens that they would witness progress in various aspects. “The aim is to enhance governance and promote transparency,” he said. He dismissed the allegations of being un-elected, stating that the election was conducted legally, and he and the deputy mayor were duly elected by the KMC City Council members.

As per the legal procedure, the mayor and his deputy will contest the election from one of the union councils of Karachi within the next 10 days.

The Karachi mayor underlined the importance of instilling hope in the citizens that the local bodies can effectively address their problems. He mentioned the ongoing cleaning of drains, which commenced 10 days ago and is progressing swiftly.

“The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) will collaborate with the provincial government to ensure its stability. Water shortage is a pressing issue, and various projects are being implemented to tackle it,” he added.

“Improvements in the sewerage system are underway to prevent overflow and ensure safer roads and pathways. Development work is also underway in different areas of the city, with a focus on providing better transportation facilities and expediting road and bridge construction and repair.”

To address the need for cemeteries, 200 acres of land have been allocated in Keamari, and another large graveyard will be established in Malir, he added. Directives have been issued to promptly remove sacrificial animals’ waste during the upcoming Eidul Azha, and an effective strategy has been devised for waste management. Anti-encroachment drives will be carried out simultaneously with road construction and maintenance.

The Karachi mayor also highlighted the importance of improving infrastructure in the rural areas and goths of Karachi. He stressed that solving these problems is not solely the responsibility of NGOs or individuals; it requires an empowered government. “Work will now be visible in the city, not just on paper but on the ground as well,” he added.

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